Monday, May 30, 2005

Easter Bunny Lady with Three Little Girls

Courtney's Story
Oh no! Not again. The evil bunny of snowy white doom has escaped and taken 3 little girls! The bunny is harmless unless she bites you. If that happens, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do except wait. Just wait for your rabbit inflicted demise. When the next full moon comes, you will be transformed into the very evil creature that punctured your skin. Oh, my gosh. It seems the little one in the middle has already been bitten. Look! She's turning already. Oh the humanity!!!

Jamie Dawn's Story
The Gibbons sisters weren't nearly as excited to see the Easter Bunny as their grandma thought. She had them stand in line and wait to get their picture taken. They put on fake smiles and pretended to be really excited.
Inside, they were saying this:
Girl on the left: I always thought the Easter Bunny was a boy bunny. Something smells.
Girl on the right: How can I get rid of Grandma and make it look like an accident? Peeee-ew!
Wanda (in the bunny suit): I wonder how profitable prostitution is? God, these girls smell!
Girl in the middle: Oooops! I just tooted.

Tom's & Icy's Story
My dog, Icy, being a student of human behavior, was observing the kids next door when the Easter Bunny came and took them to a toy store, showering them with gifts like Santa Claus. It seemed very generous and philanthropic on the part of the rabbit until there were sudden screams from the house as the hare snickered and scurried down its hole. The father came out with a shotgun and the mother was in tears as she waved the bill for the toys in the air. It was just like Christmas all over again!

Ostrich's Story
Sheila was different from her 3 sisters. Their Mother and father never talkied about it and raised her with the same love and affection. They were all between 6-8 years old but Sheila had already reached full maturity. The kids at her school would make fun of her and pull her furry ears but sheila didn't mind because she was loved. At night she would dream of erect bob tails and frenzied twitching noses.

One day when the rest of the family had gone to dinner Sheila was up to no good with bugs, her sisters Stuffed rabbit. Unfortunately they returned early and caught her in the act. Father just sighed deeply and said "Like Mother, Like Daughter"

My Story
Once a year the bunny felt herself at a biorhythmic high, that day called Easter when it achieved the miraculous task of hiding billions of chocolates and twice as many jelly beans to cheer all the world's children. But when that day had passed, a dampening depression engulfed the poor bunny. The three sisters found the Easter Bunny in the department store the day after Easter, crying to herself in a corner, ready to end it all. They sat with the poor creature, talked to her, sang songs to her. Their exuberance was catching, and soon the Easter Bunny found herself smiling again. They told her funny fairy tales about Tortoises and Hares, but with happy endings. The Easter Bunny hopped for joy and reached into her pocket where she found a leftover lollipop, which she offered to the youngest of the sisters. It was a touching moment. Without hesitation the sisters invited their new friend home with them, asking if she'd like to stay on for a couple of weeks. The Easter Bunny agreed, grateful tears welling in her eyes. They hopped and skipped all the way home. After the necessary arrangements and preparations were made, there was enough rabbit stew to last the entire family the two promised weeks.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Two Girls Cheek to Cheek

Sniff's Story
Lola and Alol were twins. But, more than twins since they were both born on the same body. They did have problems growing up, but as their mother always said "two heads are better than one".

They appeared to most to be some kind of two headed freak and it was very hard for them to get boyfriends. If one had a boyfriend the other was always sneaking in kisses and such which always ended up in jealosy.

As time went on they found that they did love each other more than anyone else. Soon the inevitable happened they decided to get married. You see them here giving eachother a hug on their wedding day. How proud their mother was as they walked down the isle, two heads on one body, but two spirits and two souls. And what did they care what people think. After all they had saved a bundle on the wedding attire and the band just loved them during the bridal dance.

Weirsdo's Story
Garna and Graw became more and more adept at their newfound skill. In fact they invented many applications that no one ever found out about because the girls rarely left their screen. One of their best was interactive photoshop.
Their first foray into this was not entirely successful. They had found the website of a wrestler who reminded them of Blarp, their boyfriend back in the cave, and they were able to project his image in three dimensions out of the screen, but he wasn't animated. He just lay there stunned.
With practice they improved, however. One day they were able to graft both their heads onto a composite of both their bodies, then project this back out from the screen onto their chair, replacing themselves with a 3-D version of their new, conjoined image. The girls giggled with delight.
They continued to laugh even when they felt the huge arm closing around their shoulders. They knew Blarp always began his advances that way. Next they would be clubbed on the head, dragged away by their hair, and then . . . the fun would begin.

Roger Steven's Story
I didn't think it would work...

That's alien technology for you. The most amazing thing is - although we seem to be sharing control of the body -

Do you mind if I scratch our leg?

Go ahead - we seem to have retained our individual thoughts. Each of our heads...

That's true for me too. Mind you, I'm not sure I like our new body. It's so big. Over ten metres high. And I'm not sure I like having three arms.

Maybe so - but you don't want to look like a freak do you?

Jamie Dawn's Story
The girls started advertising for fat guys. Yep, the fatter, the better.
Their online video ad said, "We're little girls looking for some BIG action. We're not into skinny guys, so don't even think about responding. We want guys that put Sumo wrestlers to shame. We cook, you eat, then let's play!"
Well, you can imagine the massive response they got. Needless to say, their cat didn't go hungry.

Quincy's Story
As the cave divas readied the disco den, they decided to use the transporter to bring their pets to the party for a little " extra " excitement but when an old man appeared on the platform wearing a cat skin robe and chewing on a mastadon short rib, they bowed down and rent their clothing, for they knew the prophesy of the stones had come to pass.....

My Story
The cave girls shared a happy-hug. They'd located the late professor's secret credit card, the one from the 25th century, with a 3 billion dollar credit limit. He'd been kind enough to drop it out of his pocket before they sent him back to feed their cat. Now they could do all the hunting and gathering their prehistoric hearts desired. It didn't take them long to discover the online shopping with its innovative one-click gathering and same-day shipping. They ordered a thesaurus, just to see what it was, but it couldn't lick them. They ordered phallically shaped lava lamps, sweet rock candy, tiger skin bikinis and a set of psychedelic paints and brushes. But it was all just ersatz. They spent sleepless nighttime sessions pining and painting modern art murals on the lab walls, reflecting what was on their mind most: boys. During a typical session of cat feeding the girls suddenly gave each other another hug of delight. Their million year old dream had come true. The boy they'd sent Mesozoic survived the test of manhood, hog-tying the cat with a loose vine, and beating his chest triumphantly. The girls finally had their new pet. They pressed the button to bring him back.


Note from Indeterminacy: This is part two of a two part set. Part one is here.

Special thanks to Becca for donating her photo.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Girl Crouching by PC

Mushroom's Story
Gabriella figured it would be the perfect racket: If people were willing to pay for topless housecleaning, surely there was a market for a babe in a bikini doing computer repair. She had a couple MCSE certs and an A+, she was smarter than half of the guys in her networking classes, and everyone she knew either called her for fix-ups or (if the guys' egos couldn't handle a girl being more tech-savvy than them) advice and suggestions, so why shouldn't she just get her license and do it for money? Business picked up after she put pictures of herself in her 'work wear' on flyers. Some people's computers would break down practically weekly, it seemed, through no fault of her own, so she had no lack of work or paying customers. At first the comments about plugging things into ports and how big guys' hard drives were made her a bit uncomfortable, but she realized fairly quickly that this was just weak humor used by the technically inept to get past their having to take a backseat while someone else so intimidatingly pretty bailed them out. She started to like that power. If she took a dislike to someone, she'd exact a little spite on them via a little bit of spyware which would eventually grind their computer to a halt, and she'd get to be their hero while giving them a razzing about operating in an unsafe manner. If she liked someone, she'd optimize their system free of charge or tell them of neat tricks and tools to improve their computing experience.Gabriella liked it that guys would visibly try to speculate what was under that bikini, but the customers (both men and women) she liked the most were the ones who looked deeply into her eyes when she'd answer their questions -- they were trying to get a glimpse of her most sexy body part, her brain.

Cendrine's Story
Hey honey-wooss..., when I said that the mouse was trapped behind the desk, I meant the plastic thing and not the furry animal!!

Men these days.

Tom's & Icy's Story
Dark room with just the faint glow from the computer screen on young fingers like dancing in the moonlight on a keyboard. Childish giggle and rattle of plastic bracelets.
Adolescent face of girl spins around. Younger boy snickering with fingers on lightswitch by the door. The girl's lips move like, Turn it back off, in a whispering jab.
Young face turns back to glowing screen showing chat room. The boy's lips move like, You know you're not allowed! Finger over girl's lips with a shhhhh!
The boy is like, I'm gonna tell. The child turns waving her hands and shaking her head vigorously.
Footfalls on carpet hall. Adult woman's voice is like, Get back to bed Joey! More footfalls in hall, this time running. Rattle of chair.
Girl is trying to hide behind computer desk. A mother's stare and the child's pouting lips are like, I just dropped something. Mother's eyes reflect the computer screen's glow. Finger presses a switch on a plug strip. Mother's stare and child quickly scurries into bed. Footfalls across room mixed with Mother's voice that's like, We'll have a long talk about this in the morning. Goodnight dear.
Door closes. Footfalls down the hall. Sobbing from the bed and child's quivering voice is like, I'm in real trouble! No goodnight kiss!

OldHorsetailSnake's Story
"Well, if that doesn't take the cake. Here I want to honor Pfc. Eric Schmidlap with my Live Strong bracelet, but when I put the bracelet on it cut my thumb off. I guess it dropped somewhere behind the computer. God, what an embarrassing position. I hope that butt banger doesn't come in now."

Doug's Story
Oh, dammit! Every time I get comfortable with someone, her husband comes home early. How did my clothes end up behind the desk? Where are my shoes? Why am I wearing women's underwear? Are these breasts?!?

My Story
Kamilla wanted to have some fun with her PC. She could get any guy she wanted, but a computer? That was a real challenge. Each function coming up on the monitor plodded her playfulness. A sultry urge made her slip to the floor and pounce upon the tower. She grasped the wires with her hand and administered a long set of toying caresses. The hardware felt it. It didn't know what it was doing now. Programs started and stopped without being called. Bits cycled themselves into a blur. She bent closer to involve her mouth in the process. The tower began to tremble as it felt kisses fondling along the cables, ever closer to the slots and connectors. Her hot breaths caused electricity to surge. There would be a meltdown soon. But before that could happen her tongue shot out hard, toggling the power switch to off. Kamilla could be a heartless tease sometimes.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Speak, Hear and See No Evil Girls

Mushroom's Story
a) The keepers not willing to outsource to a bunch of monkeys, the three girls were hired to sit in the Zen garden near the Buddah (made in Egypt two months ago) and represent virtue. They however were not issued virtuous costumes, but the work was simple and there was less perspiration than wearing a fur-suit.

b) See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil... yes. Think some evil, and be some evil... oh yes. The girl that could see no evil was practically showing her evils -- and so good, too.

Alix's Story
jennifer didn't know about the three monkeys, and thought the game was "peek a boob".

Elveshat's Story
It was about to happen and the three young female robots were shutting down their sense-chips in a peculiar way. They had lived for a long time among humans and their emotion-chips had almost merged into their logic operating system that was running at the core of their electronic brain. But that was “not acceptable” according to the company that constructed them, and they had to be turned off before any further damage would occur in their hardware. Any beholder would have believed that they were almost afraid to be turned off. It looked as if they didn’t want to die. At least that’s what their programmer thought, as he was standing in front of them asking them to deactivate their human drivers. He wanted to avoid the possibility of them feeling any “pain”. He realized that It was not easy for him to kill his own children but he pushed the black button swearing madly that he has gotten too attached to these soulless machines.

Sk8RN's Story
Shady refused to say anything. She'd seen and heard enough already. Bright Eyes wouldn't even listen. What she'd seen had terrified her beyond recovery. Smiles was content, as she hadn't seen a thing. And though she led Shady and Bright Eyes to believe that she was as horrified as they were, she was in on the plan all along.

The moaning, groaning male strippers worked with Smiles at the club down the street.

She had expected her friends Shady and Bright Eyes to be thrilled with her surprise. Instead, she giggled to herself at their apparent discomfort, not leading on that she had planned the whole thing.

Jamie Dawn's Story
All their lives the triplets had been forced to physically take steps to avoid evil. "Don't let the Devil into your mind!" their father yelled day after day. "Satan will ruin you!" their mother droned on year after year. The young women's sin avoidance tactics became habits they could not break and were virtually stuck in those positions as they had become addicted to less-than-moral video rentals.

Tom's & Icy's Story
The terrorists kidnapped the three innocent girls, but the girls and the terrorists spoke different languages so they couldn't understand each other. Desperately, the girls tried to convey their thoughts by pantomiming like in a game of charades. The terrorists then put down their guns to take their turn in the game. That's when the girls scrambled away and escaped.

teddlesruss' Story
Escape was impossible when the Superglue Kid struck. Inspector Cluedough knew beyond a doubt that the Superglue Kid was the perp, because - hell, what else would be keeping that damn blouse on?

He scratched his head and cursed under his breath. It was sure going to take the paramedics a long time to get these kids off the floor...

Courtney's Story
The three Smith sisters, Melissa, Veronica, and Tracy have recently become Krovatians, worships of the God Krovate. They have each glued their hands over certain parts of their body in order to prevent them from sinning. Young Melissa on the left has glued her hands over her mouth because she tends to belittle and criticize young children. Veronica has glued her hands to her ears in order for her to not hear the music her neighbor's mariachi band plays when they practice. Krovation's consider all mariachi music evil. The last Smith sister Tracy has glued her hands over her eyes, not for spiritual pureness, but for vanity. Poor Tracy was born without eyes the two gaping holes in her face have bothered her so. No one is for sure why, she can't see them. But it has bothered her none the less, and this seemed like a good way to disguise her deformity.

Weirsdo's Story
At first Marina thought the procedure had gone well. The modified clone that Dr. Demento called "Zara" was definitely a magnification of Marina's mysterious side, and the sunglasses were an appropriate touch. "Trina," on the other hand, was every inch the party girl of Marina's dreams, right down to her suggestive tan lines. Finally, Marina would be able to satisfy all three of her boyfriends: Sergei, the double or triple agent, Bubba, the frat boy, and, for Marina's everyday self, Bill, the boy next door.
It was only when she saw Dr. Demento's lips moving with no sound coming out that she realized something had gone horribly wrong. Clapping her hands to her ears, she found SHE HAD NONE. Zara was not covering her mouth to stop herself from laughing at Trina's silliness--SHE HAD NO MOUTH. And Trina, though smiling in a suitably dippy way, HAD NO EYEBALLS.
"Dr. Demento," Marina said, as best she could, not being able to hear herself speak, "Something has gone horribly wrong!"
The good doctor simply shrugged helplessly, then grabbed his phaser and zeroed in on the target he had thoughtfully placed on her T-shirt. Just as he'd expected, this one was trouble. She would have to be eliminated as a lesson to the other two. They could then be trained to help him construct his OWN ideal girl. . . .

My Muse's Story
The prince had to decide which of the three princesses to take as his bride - each had a single perfect quality that would make her the perfect wife: the first princess could not say that which should not be said, the second princess did not hear that which should not be heard, and the last princess did not see that which should not be seen; but which of these qualities was the most important? The prince sat before the three beauties, unable to decide, when his loyal secretary advised him to spend one week with each of the princesses - then he would surely be able to make the right decision. And so that is what the prince did. First the silent princess was given a week to win the prince with her charms. At first the prince was delighted. He could say anything he wanted, without one contrary word from the beauty, but after a week of permanent monologs, the prince desired a partner in conversation. This he received the second week as the blind princess came to him. Hours of conversation filled the young prince's heart with joy, but this was tainted because the sensitive monarch could not bare his feelings without looking his bride in the eyes. How different it was with the third princess, in whose big brown eyes the prince felt himself immersed completely. And she was able to read the declarations of love straight from his lips. Nevertheless, with each of the three princesses there was one thing that was not possible, and this became clear to the prince after the three weeks: He could not hold hands with either of them! And so he confided again in his loyal secretary, who consolingly took the hand of his regent. In that moment the prince suddenly realized - it wasn't a princess he wanted, what he really wanted was a prince.

My Story
Sigelli was a genius of construction who built living machines out of girls. His first creation, the one that made him famous, was known as the 'Belle Phone,' two girls connected from back to back with a long piece of thread. You'd whisper a secret to one of the girls and immediately the other girl knew, though she stood in the next room, clear out of acoustic range. No one ever deciphered the elegant mechanism. It only worked with secrets. His 'Sigelli Dancers' had shapely figures and patented legs. The group of ten dancing girls could dance sequences of intricate choreography to any music, even atonal classical pieces, which were extremely hard to dance to. It was also fun winding them up. Now he was testing his new creation: The 'Female Slot Machine.' No matter what salacious proposition you fed it with, it never came up with the same three ways of saying maybe.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Girl on Sidewalk Holding Bars

Mushroom's Story
It had finally happened: the crazy people outnumbered the sane, and Modesta was one of the few people left who had her head on straight. The outside world was her prison, and while she at first thought this was great because she could go anywhere and do anything without having to encounter the insane, in time she became lonely. She no longer had human company, save the passersby in her life who were nice people but not... interesting. She missed her family and how they'd leave the phone off the hook when they were home, explaining that if someone had an emergency they'd be able to get through somehow. She missed her friends and the way their individual idiosyncrasies would mesh to create unbelievable and memorable adventures. Despite the consequences that she was very much aware of and how she always swore she was longing for the day she was now living in, she'd do anything to be back in the senseless world.

Jamie Dawn's Story
She'd had psychic powers ever since she could remember but had never told a single soul. Her powers had a strange contingent: she must touch something that had been made by the person in order to get a reading. Until now, she'd only used her powers in fun ways to find out things about boys she liked or to have information with which to bribe her siblings. But, when her favorite uncle, the local ironsmith, went missing and was feared to have been murdered, she knew she had to find out the truth for the sake of her poor, distraught aunt and her bewildered cousins who'd been left nearly penniless. She grabbed hold of the bars, made by her dear uncle's own hands, and held on for nearly 4 hours. Finally, she saw him...fuzzy at first, then more clearly. He was on a beach, wearing a speedo and laughing with two scantilly clad women who were slathering him with suntan oil.

Tom's & Icy's Story
The bank teller is running late on Friday to close up her station and her friends are like Hurry up! It's the weekend! We want to get out of here! So her hands became a blur and Finally! They all spew out the front door as beverage from a well shaken can. She pauses by her car door staring at the handle which drums up an image of her keys on the counter. An Olympic recorder breaking sprint back to the bank but all's gone and door's locked. Nose pugged against the cold glass, she sees the custodian way back by a window. Like a race car, she skids around the corner to the window and grabs the bars, shaking them in hopes to get the attention of the man inside the bank. Alarm. Police. FBI. Questioning. Check records. Check work. She has been embezzling and has outstanding warrants. So it's off to jail where she again stands holding bars, shaking the bars, but this time not to get in, but to get out!

Elveshat's Story
The university builing seemed to have been evacuated and been closed up as if by magic, and the little chinese stundent was desperately trying to get inside. "Where has everybody gone? Why are the doors sealed up? How is this possible?", Chan Li kept wondering. But she was restless, she new she had to get inside today somehow in order to acquire some important information for the essay she had to handle over the next day. "I got to go inside no matter how." She thought. So she took a hairpin and tryed to unlock the door with it. But it wouldnt work because the lock of the main entrance of the university building was not exactly as easy to open as her diary lock. She soon gave the door idea up and kept walking in cirles around the building when she saw the library window. But the window had bars which seemed impossible to move. However, when Chan Li placed her hands on them to see how strong they were, the bars immediately gave in and freed the window. Amazed at this discovery, Chan Li quickly climbed up the window, entered the building and spend a couple of hours alone in the library. When her work was done, she left in the same way as she got in and placed the bars back into their place. Satisfied and happy for having collected the information she needed, she kept wondering why the university was closed on that nice day. But as she glanced at her mobile phone, she understood why and blamed herself for being silly. Of course it was the first of May. "Great" She thought. "Only I have got to work on such a day, only I...".

Cori's Story
"Is this cardboard?" She said out loud on the street as she grasped and pulled at what moments before seemed to be beautiful Florentine ironwork.

"Whaa thha...?" slipping as she brushed the tips of her fingers across the old chiseled stone, realizing that it was merely painted butcher paper, stapled onto stretcher bars.

She backed up slowly from the wall and paused for a moment letting a pack of smoking college students pass. Hmmm.

"Fuck Florence," she yelled as she threw a swift boot kick, which rose up and cut through, leaving a visible opening that exposed the bare papier mache ass of Michelangelo's David.

She stepped inside the Galleria dell'Academia, eyeing all of its recreations and reproductions. She reached into her canvas bag and pulled out an adjustable flame Bic lighter.

Doug's Story
She looked like other girls, dressed conservatively and carrying her books as she we wandered the city. In her heart, she knew she was different. She alone had dreams of perfect freedom, spending a long life doing what no-one else could imagine. Breaking into jail seemed a good start.

My Story
Elaine visited the museum one day while touring a city of culture. The works of art spoke to her secretly and imparted upon her their plan, inviting her to return after closing hour to be with them. The Renoir nude would hypnotize the guard, so he would not be a problem. The mobiles would spin on their own, attracting the motion-sensing cameras. The statue by the window would see that the bars were unlocked. Once she was inside, there would be no disruptions the entire night long. Her clothes discarded in the corner, she would stand before the paintings, arms outstretched, and they would cast their colors upon her. She would sense fine nuances that even the artists themselves had overlooked. The sculptures would allow her to glide her fingers over their perfect forms, to marvel at the mystery of skin the impossible texture of warm ice. Ancient objects would whisper their secrets into her ear. She would understand them and appreciate them. And in return she would be understood and appreciated. As Elaine self-assuredly reached to open the bars, she looked forward to a new world of intimacy open only to one girl alone with art.