Monday, May 30, 2005

Easter Bunny Lady with Three Little Girls

Courtney's Story
Oh no! Not again. The evil bunny of snowy white doom has escaped and taken 3 little girls! The bunny is harmless unless she bites you. If that happens, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do except wait. Just wait for your rabbit inflicted demise. When the next full moon comes, you will be transformed into the very evil creature that punctured your skin. Oh, my gosh. It seems the little one in the middle has already been bitten. Look! She's turning already. Oh the humanity!!!

Jamie Dawn's Story
The Gibbons sisters weren't nearly as excited to see the Easter Bunny as their grandma thought. She had them stand in line and wait to get their picture taken. They put on fake smiles and pretended to be really excited.
Inside, they were saying this:
Girl on the left: I always thought the Easter Bunny was a boy bunny. Something smells.
Girl on the right: How can I get rid of Grandma and make it look like an accident? Peeee-ew!
Wanda (in the bunny suit): I wonder how profitable prostitution is? God, these girls smell!
Girl in the middle: Oooops! I just tooted.

Tom's & Icy's Story
My dog, Icy, being a student of human behavior, was observing the kids next door when the Easter Bunny came and took them to a toy store, showering them with gifts like Santa Claus. It seemed very generous and philanthropic on the part of the rabbit until there were sudden screams from the house as the hare snickered and scurried down its hole. The father came out with a shotgun and the mother was in tears as she waved the bill for the toys in the air. It was just like Christmas all over again!

Ostrich's Story
Sheila was different from her 3 sisters. Their Mother and father never talkied about it and raised her with the same love and affection. They were all between 6-8 years old but Sheila had already reached full maturity. The kids at her school would make fun of her and pull her furry ears but sheila didn't mind because she was loved. At night she would dream of erect bob tails and frenzied twitching noses.

One day when the rest of the family had gone to dinner Sheila was up to no good with bugs, her sisters Stuffed rabbit. Unfortunately they returned early and caught her in the act. Father just sighed deeply and said "Like Mother, Like Daughter"

My Story
Once a year the bunny felt herself at a biorhythmic high, that day called Easter when it achieved the miraculous task of hiding billions of chocolates and twice as many jelly beans to cheer all the world's children. But when that day had passed, a dampening depression engulfed the poor bunny. The three sisters found the Easter Bunny in the department store the day after Easter, crying to herself in a corner, ready to end it all. They sat with the poor creature, talked to her, sang songs to her. Their exuberance was catching, and soon the Easter Bunny found herself smiling again. They told her funny fairy tales about Tortoises and Hares, but with happy endings. The Easter Bunny hopped for joy and reached into her pocket where she found a leftover lollipop, which she offered to the youngest of the sisters. It was a touching moment. Without hesitation the sisters invited their new friend home with them, asking if she'd like to stay on for a couple of weeks. The Easter Bunny agreed, grateful tears welling in her eyes. They hopped and skipped all the way home. After the necessary arrangements and preparations were made, there was enough rabbit stew to last the entire family the two promised weeks.


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