Friday, May 27, 2005

Two Girls Cheek to Cheek

Sniff's Story
Lola and Alol were twins. But, more than twins since they were both born on the same body. They did have problems growing up, but as their mother always said "two heads are better than one".

They appeared to most to be some kind of two headed freak and it was very hard for them to get boyfriends. If one had a boyfriend the other was always sneaking in kisses and such which always ended up in jealosy.

As time went on they found that they did love each other more than anyone else. Soon the inevitable happened they decided to get married. You see them here giving eachother a hug on their wedding day. How proud their mother was as they walked down the isle, two heads on one body, but two spirits and two souls. And what did they care what people think. After all they had saved a bundle on the wedding attire and the band just loved them during the bridal dance.

Weirsdo's Story
Garna and Graw became more and more adept at their newfound skill. In fact they invented many applications that no one ever found out about because the girls rarely left their screen. One of their best was interactive photoshop.
Their first foray into this was not entirely successful. They had found the website of a wrestler who reminded them of Blarp, their boyfriend back in the cave, and they were able to project his image in three dimensions out of the screen, but he wasn't animated. He just lay there stunned.
With practice they improved, however. One day they were able to graft both their heads onto a composite of both their bodies, then project this back out from the screen onto their chair, replacing themselves with a 3-D version of their new, conjoined image. The girls giggled with delight.
They continued to laugh even when they felt the huge arm closing around their shoulders. They knew Blarp always began his advances that way. Next they would be clubbed on the head, dragged away by their hair, and then . . . the fun would begin.

Roger Steven's Story
I didn't think it would work...

That's alien technology for you. The most amazing thing is - although we seem to be sharing control of the body -

Do you mind if I scratch our leg?

Go ahead - we seem to have retained our individual thoughts. Each of our heads...

That's true for me too. Mind you, I'm not sure I like our new body. It's so big. Over ten metres high. And I'm not sure I like having three arms.

Maybe so - but you don't want to look like a freak do you?

Jamie Dawn's Story
The girls started advertising for fat guys. Yep, the fatter, the better.
Their online video ad said, "We're little girls looking for some BIG action. We're not into skinny guys, so don't even think about responding. We want guys that put Sumo wrestlers to shame. We cook, you eat, then let's play!"
Well, you can imagine the massive response they got. Needless to say, their cat didn't go hungry.

Quincy's Story
As the cave divas readied the disco den, they decided to use the transporter to bring their pets to the party for a little " extra " excitement but when an old man appeared on the platform wearing a cat skin robe and chewing on a mastadon short rib, they bowed down and rent their clothing, for they knew the prophesy of the stones had come to pass.....

My Story
The cave girls shared a happy-hug. They'd located the late professor's secret credit card, the one from the 25th century, with a 3 billion dollar credit limit. He'd been kind enough to drop it out of his pocket before they sent him back to feed their cat. Now they could do all the hunting and gathering their prehistoric hearts desired. It didn't take them long to discover the online shopping with its innovative one-click gathering and same-day shipping. They ordered a thesaurus, just to see what it was, but it couldn't lick them. They ordered phallically shaped lava lamps, sweet rock candy, tiger skin bikinis and a set of psychedelic paints and brushes. But it was all just ersatz. They spent sleepless nighttime sessions pining and painting modern art murals on the lab walls, reflecting what was on their mind most: boys. During a typical session of cat feeding the girls suddenly gave each other another hug of delight. Their million year old dream had come true. The boy they'd sent Mesozoic survived the test of manhood, hog-tying the cat with a loose vine, and beating his chest triumphantly. The girls finally had their new pet. They pressed the button to bring him back.


Note from Indeterminacy: This is part two of a two part set. Part one is here.

Special thanks to Becca for donating her photo.


Blogger Abraham said...

Lots of stories. Interesting too.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Abraham said...

Lots of stories. Interesting too.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Hi, yes, we are a blues band, mainly covers, and yes it is named after Buddy Guy's Damn Right I GOt the Blues.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

PS Wonky Finger and Damn Right aren't in any way related.

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