Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two Women's Faces Close Together

Gerard Valz's Story
When Consiva undressed in front of the girls there was a moment of silence, Camilla had to hold control of herself not to burst out laughing, she had to change her plans.
She had no trouble when she applied for the ride to Terra 2, she didn't have to bribe anybody and everything went as smooth as could be, she had been anxious about what to do once they got there but now since Consus was Consiva, that made things a lot simpler.
First she decided to play hard to get, generally that makes anyone very decided to have sex with the person playing it well, so during the first two weeks she didn't pay any attention to Consiva's presence, this one made a point to have sex with the other girls so close to Camilla
that she had to hear what was going on, that conforted Camilla in playing the "not interested" part. She never undressed in front of anyone and on the third week she dyied her hair blonde,
she could sense Consiva's nervous looks when she turned her back on her, when walking she swayed her butt just what it took to make believe it was natural.
That worked alright, Consiva swallowed the bait, the hook and the line, after a month she got so horny for Camilla she considered rape as a possible alternative.
Instead of rape Consiva decided to talk to Camilla in private, she pretented to have some tools to get in the landing craft and asked Camilla if she could help her carry some loads back to camp, the girl agreed to help.
Once in the landing craft Consiva started to question Camilla.
-Tell me, girl, are you a virgin?
-No, I'm not a virgin but....
-You don't like the idea of sex with a woman?
-No, I like the idea, but.....
-But what?
-I'm special and....
-Yes, I'm special too, so what?
-Well not only that way.
-Tell me, what other way?
-You know bondage?
-You want me to tie you up darling?
-No, I want to....tie YOU up.
That made Consiva laugh.
-You're a crooked doll, you are, is that all?
-No I want to blindfold you too.
-And why should I do that?
-To please me, that's the only thing that makes me come.
-Ohhh I see.... Well OK ....I never done this before.... OK let's find a rope.
When Consiva was blindfolded and tied to a couch so her legs were spread wide....
Excited, Camille's dick became hard as wood.
They lived happily ever after.

Mushroom's Caption
Chocolate bunnies aren't enough for some people. Sheri wanted a real Easter treat with tasty ears to nibble, and she found that in Ginnie.

Helen's Caption
If I can't hear you I must feel you and if you can't see me you must taste me.

An_Altered_State_of_Consciousness' Story
Consiva stayed up late last night. She looked into the mirror until she fell asleep. In her dream she found a way to enter the mirror. This unlocked endless possibilities. She found that she could kiss herself and touch her tongue to her own cheek. Just the thought of this made her roll her eyes in pleasure. How wonderful it was to make-out with herself a feeling she had never imagined before. She grew more and more excited as she made love to herself in the mirror. I hope this night never ends, she thought to herself, as she felt her warm lips kissing herself again and again. Finally she climaxed in a way she had never done before... and the barman tapped her on the shoulder, wake up, wake up he said as she reluctantly slid down off the bar stool and fell to the floor. Someone call 911 he shouted as the quicksilver spewed out of her nose and onto the floor. What the hell is this? the paramedic exclaimed when he saw the large pool of quicksilver with a beautiful young blonde lying naked in it. She was drained now and completly satisfied... no reason to come back to earth ever again.

Doug's Caption
Are you sure I can't get pregnant this way?

My Story
Lips sought lips, soft, affectionate lips. Breaths passed to and fro in bodies enjoined. Blood swept through veins while unison pleasure swelled into the stellar heavens. The sun shone and stars painted paths across the bodies that drank of each other in ebb and flow of sensation. Sometimes, in a lull, as breasts caught the shade of a moon, Consiva sketched a letter in her mind:

My far off Sisters,
We made our decision to win what reprieve we could for our world by infiltrating the new wave of colonies. Here now slumber our seeds of unanimous womanhood. Though our deception has diluted us into the galaxy, we remain one in the strength of our idea. At night, when I glance at the stars, I wonder which of these shine closest to you. Perhaps the light I see is only an echo of suns already destroyed, and soon the entire universe will be in darkness, unless we were in time to shroud the madness. For now we must enjoy our moments of splendor, giving ourselves to our gender as openly and naturally as befits the love that is our legacy. This is what we shall sow.
Yours truly,

The welling emotions led to a touch and once again the lull succumbed to selfless passion... And so the days, weeks and years passed. Consiva and her colony thrived on each other. Each day awoke new senses of feminine companionship, togetherness, oneness. A held hand, a mutual embrace, caresses felt in the brain. They shared lavishly of themselves, of their tenderness, of their beings. They worshipped the magic of wombs able to bear fruits, fruits that could grow and develop and in their turn partake of the pleasures bequeathed them. But there would be no seeds swelling into lives. When the men came in twenty years to collect the soldiers, they would find only the women's love. The bloody war to enslave the galaxy would collapse and wither into an oblivion of the unborn.


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Ooh, good one, Valz. I'm glad I got around to reading that.

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estas chicas tienen un rostro muy hermoso


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oooo just wandering into your other "realms" wow I lamely exclaim...

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