Thursday, May 12, 2005

Speak, Hear and See No Evil Girls

Mushroom's Story
a) The keepers not willing to outsource to a bunch of monkeys, the three girls were hired to sit in the Zen garden near the Buddah (made in Egypt two months ago) and represent virtue. They however were not issued virtuous costumes, but the work was simple and there was less perspiration than wearing a fur-suit.

b) See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil... yes. Think some evil, and be some evil... oh yes. The girl that could see no evil was practically showing her evils -- and so good, too.

Alix's Story
jennifer didn't know about the three monkeys, and thought the game was "peek a boob".

Elveshat's Story
It was about to happen and the three young female robots were shutting down their sense-chips in a peculiar way. They had lived for a long time among humans and their emotion-chips had almost merged into their logic operating system that was running at the core of their electronic brain. But that was “not acceptable” according to the company that constructed them, and they had to be turned off before any further damage would occur in their hardware. Any beholder would have believed that they were almost afraid to be turned off. It looked as if they didn’t want to die. At least that’s what their programmer thought, as he was standing in front of them asking them to deactivate their human drivers. He wanted to avoid the possibility of them feeling any “pain”. He realized that It was not easy for him to kill his own children but he pushed the black button swearing madly that he has gotten too attached to these soulless machines.

Sk8RN's Story
Shady refused to say anything. She'd seen and heard enough already. Bright Eyes wouldn't even listen. What she'd seen had terrified her beyond recovery. Smiles was content, as she hadn't seen a thing. And though she led Shady and Bright Eyes to believe that she was as horrified as they were, she was in on the plan all along.

The moaning, groaning male strippers worked with Smiles at the club down the street.

She had expected her friends Shady and Bright Eyes to be thrilled with her surprise. Instead, she giggled to herself at their apparent discomfort, not leading on that she had planned the whole thing.

Jamie Dawn's Story
All their lives the triplets had been forced to physically take steps to avoid evil. "Don't let the Devil into your mind!" their father yelled day after day. "Satan will ruin you!" their mother droned on year after year. The young women's sin avoidance tactics became habits they could not break and were virtually stuck in those positions as they had become addicted to less-than-moral video rentals.

Tom's & Icy's Story
The terrorists kidnapped the three innocent girls, but the girls and the terrorists spoke different languages so they couldn't understand each other. Desperately, the girls tried to convey their thoughts by pantomiming like in a game of charades. The terrorists then put down their guns to take their turn in the game. That's when the girls scrambled away and escaped.

teddlesruss' Story
Escape was impossible when the Superglue Kid struck. Inspector Cluedough knew beyond a doubt that the Superglue Kid was the perp, because - hell, what else would be keeping that damn blouse on?

He scratched his head and cursed under his breath. It was sure going to take the paramedics a long time to get these kids off the floor...

Courtney's Story
The three Smith sisters, Melissa, Veronica, and Tracy have recently become Krovatians, worships of the God Krovate. They have each glued their hands over certain parts of their body in order to prevent them from sinning. Young Melissa on the left has glued her hands over her mouth because she tends to belittle and criticize young children. Veronica has glued her hands to her ears in order for her to not hear the music her neighbor's mariachi band plays when they practice. Krovation's consider all mariachi music evil. The last Smith sister Tracy has glued her hands over her eyes, not for spiritual pureness, but for vanity. Poor Tracy was born without eyes the two gaping holes in her face have bothered her so. No one is for sure why, she can't see them. But it has bothered her none the less, and this seemed like a good way to disguise her deformity.

Weirsdo's Story
At first Marina thought the procedure had gone well. The modified clone that Dr. Demento called "Zara" was definitely a magnification of Marina's mysterious side, and the sunglasses were an appropriate touch. "Trina," on the other hand, was every inch the party girl of Marina's dreams, right down to her suggestive tan lines. Finally, Marina would be able to satisfy all three of her boyfriends: Sergei, the double or triple agent, Bubba, the frat boy, and, for Marina's everyday self, Bill, the boy next door.
It was only when she saw Dr. Demento's lips moving with no sound coming out that she realized something had gone horribly wrong. Clapping her hands to her ears, she found SHE HAD NONE. Zara was not covering her mouth to stop herself from laughing at Trina's silliness--SHE HAD NO MOUTH. And Trina, though smiling in a suitably dippy way, HAD NO EYEBALLS.
"Dr. Demento," Marina said, as best she could, not being able to hear herself speak, "Something has gone horribly wrong!"
The good doctor simply shrugged helplessly, then grabbed his phaser and zeroed in on the target he had thoughtfully placed on her T-shirt. Just as he'd expected, this one was trouble. She would have to be eliminated as a lesson to the other two. They could then be trained to help him construct his OWN ideal girl. . . .

My Muse's Story
The prince had to decide which of the three princesses to take as his bride - each had a single perfect quality that would make her the perfect wife: the first princess could not say that which should not be said, the second princess did not hear that which should not be heard, and the last princess did not see that which should not be seen; but which of these qualities was the most important? The prince sat before the three beauties, unable to decide, when his loyal secretary advised him to spend one week with each of the princesses - then he would surely be able to make the right decision. And so that is what the prince did. First the silent princess was given a week to win the prince with her charms. At first the prince was delighted. He could say anything he wanted, without one contrary word from the beauty, but after a week of permanent monologs, the prince desired a partner in conversation. This he received the second week as the blind princess came to him. Hours of conversation filled the young prince's heart with joy, but this was tainted because the sensitive monarch could not bare his feelings without looking his bride in the eyes. How different it was with the third princess, in whose big brown eyes the prince felt himself immersed completely. And she was able to read the declarations of love straight from his lips. Nevertheless, with each of the three princesses there was one thing that was not possible, and this became clear to the prince after the three weeks: He could not hold hands with either of them! And so he confided again in his loyal secretary, who consolingly took the hand of his regent. In that moment the prince suddenly realized - it wasn't a princess he wanted, what he really wanted was a prince.

My Story
Sigelli was a genius of construction who built living machines out of girls. His first creation, the one that made him famous, was known as the 'Belle Phone,' two girls connected from back to back with a long piece of thread. You'd whisper a secret to one of the girls and immediately the other girl knew, though she stood in the next room, clear out of acoustic range. No one ever deciphered the elegant mechanism. It only worked with secrets. His 'Sigelli Dancers' had shapely figures and patented legs. The group of ten dancing girls could dance sequences of intricate choreography to any music, even atonal classical pieces, which were extremely hard to dance to. It was also fun winding them up. Now he was testing his new creation: The 'Female Slot Machine.' No matter what salacious proposition you fed it with, it never came up with the same three ways of saying maybe.


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