Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dark Haired Woman with Boys and Girl on Couch

This is a photo contribution from Viruswitch!

Sar's Story
The world of martial arts was rocked to its very core by the shocking discovery that that Stevie Nicks was among the original influences that that inspired the infamous Karate Kid stance after this photo mysteriously resurfaced.

Viruswitch's Story
The nameless secret society had been brought to life by mankind's most important necessity: to combat all evil. Evil nowadays had many odd ways of manifesting itself as invisible spirits that hovered in and out the ether, becoming visible only when nobody was looking. The rare ones who saw them were confined in a great building called "Irrenhause" obliged to contribute to the nameless secret society searching endlessly for a way to dispell them. Everything seemed hopeless until one day Frollo, Esmeralda, Quasi, Jasmine and Alex had finally found the greatest weapon of all times. Laughing out loud long enough would dispell their fears. And when their fears were gone all enemies were crashed under their own absense of gravity. The trick worked for them but unfortunately got lost and forgotten.

Mushroom's Story
The dormies thought they were getting quite the deal when they hired Madame Medusa to strip at their frat party. Unfortunately the only Greek history they knew was the name of their frat, Iota Tau Kappa, and even then they kept calling "I Tappa Kegga". The dormies took their places around the common room to watch Madame Medusa bump and grind... and after some lustful thrusts and clangs of her zilds, she turned them all into an oil painting. It was the tamest party the ITKs had ever seen, and when the Omega Mu sorority moved into the seemingly-empty already-furnished dorm building two weeks later they kept some of the pictures up in the common room like they were those paintings of dogs playing poker, and threw out the gaudy ones.

Jamie Dawn's Story
They were watching the winter olympics when suddenly Disney's Aladdin came on. Jasmine flew out of the television. They were so thrilled except for the geeky one in the middle. Jasmine had come to take her home. She was Jasmine's sister and had been pretending to be a guy for nearly two months. Why? Nobody knows.

Oomelasha Kumar's Story
I watch you coming in the like an angle in a blue beauty..... My Beauty with a Indian dressing..... I see you with a laugh and I see you with delight..... O god you are my beauty in all my life... I See you with pride, want to dace with you in same delight.....I love you with all my life......

My Story
Lucy didn't think there would be any harm in signing up as part of the test audience for the new interactive cable system, and perhaps there wasn't. The cute boys in the beach scene popped out of the television and joined her on the couch, including her in their conversation, and - she was not entirely certain of this - the one casting furtive glances at her legs whenever she set eyes on the other. But the boys sat back and became politely silent as the infomercial sprang into the center of the room. It was a pretty witch who turned to Lucy smiling and exuding spells from her fingertips. She spoke in a steady, entrancing voice compelling Lucy to think of Ajax Detergent and how magically it cleansed, the idea billowing into her brain like an expanding soap bubble. She was ready to stand up and dash to the supermarket to buy a year's supply of Ajax when suddenly, without warning, the boys, the witch, and the entire program were preempted by a football game stumbling into the room.


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