Monday, January 23, 2006

An Eye

The Taorist's Story
Khunliar: Are my eyes ok?

Tunisia: Yes, yes. Now don't fret! The camara is a bit old and sensitive, you know?

K: Try as I might, the camera is "magnated" to my eyelashes.

T: Magnated? Is that a word? Is that a scrabble made up word or something?

K: You take it as it is buddy.

T: Well, since it is "magnated" to your erstwhile eyelashes, I might as well take a shot of it.

K: No! You take my soul white man!

T: I'm hispanic. Just not much in the sun, you know?

K: Hispanic-Albino.

T: H freaking A

K: You should get it on with a girl. A werewolf girl.

T: Hypertrichosis.

K: Yeah, Hyperwatushis. You'd get a hispanic-albino-werewolf.

T: That's a new class of racism, you know? Not only are you mocking me but also the werewolf race.

K: I just noticed something.

T: What?

K: You say "you know?" too much.

T: ...

Monster Spank's Story
come closer.
closer still.
ok, hold it.
don't move.
now, go away.

come back.
yes, here.

The Alien Guy's Story
It is so often difficult for me to understand the humans of your planet -- Earth. I have noticed that when I am on your planet, I see only small details and parts of your world. Not the whole picture. It is similar to "not being able to see the forest for the trees" as you say. I get so wrapped up in the smaller parts and become confused about what you are really like. When I see a human and look at the face, I see only specific details such as the eye. And I cannot grasp the whole facial expression to determine the inflection of the gesticulation. The meaning of what you are all about is obscured. Yet I have heard that many of you humans are very much like this, too.

Viruswitch's Story
At first, she thought that the conjurer of cheap tricks had dragged her into the world of sleep. But all of a sudden, a great eye filled her whole field of vision and she shivered.

The lidless eye had conquered her, it knew every hidden corner of her mind, it knew all her fears and passions. IT was all-seeing and she felt naked.

She realised that she was viewing her own reflection through the conjurer's eyes. He had promised that this magical hop would have opened the gate to his soul, and yet what she saw was an ugly mirror of her own true self. It was the final and last honest confrontation of her life.

Garnet's Story
I felt so small. Just a few hours earlier she had cried on my lap as I comforted her in her loss. I began to think how vulnerable people are after such betrayal. No one deserved to be left behind, left without recourse. Yet she held on to the goodness of their love. I envied her that faith.

I began to wonder if my confidence was as unshakeable as I had always believed. I rarely got hurt because I always jumped in last, waiting for the others to test the waters first. That way I learned from their mistakes.

Just last week she had come to me distraught at the state of her relationship to him. I listened. Then when he called me to talk about her fragility, I pointed out how neurotic she seemed, getting so upset about the demise of a 5 year love affair. It's not the end of the world after all! He listened, and moved out the next day.

Now, as she looked at me with those big brown eyes, waiting for my advice on how to cope, I felt puny.

My Story
All of a sudden it became light, physically and metaphorically. The light streaming through his pupil caused the iris to squeeze in around the tiny black opening. Also he remembered. So this was reincarnation. It was like in those "Tales from the Crypt" comics he used to read. He and Angie were madly in love, but her husband stood in the way. They schemed in secret to do away with him, the perfect murder. They would lure him into the basement with the sound of their lovemaking. All he had to do was open the door to the romper room and the bowl of sulphuric acid would spill over him, causing his head to dissolve. Unfortunately Angie's husband did not open the door. He crashed in through the cellar window, rushing at them with an axe. Brad and Angie, overwhelmed by the unexpected variation, scurried frantically to the prepared door. It finished them. The husband did get a few splashes of acid in his face, which ruined his eyes, but he was sped to the clinic, and - in a spectacular operation - given new eyes. One glance in the mirror and it became insightfully clear to Brad. He had been reincarnated as the eye of his intended victim. And what's more, as he looked into the mirror before the survivor's face, he could clearly see the other eye. It was Angie.


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