Monday, December 12, 2005

Boy in Water Watching Swimmer

Viruswitch's Story
The 65 year old Kevin had finally discovered the secret of eternal youth. All his life he had struggled to find out where on earth the secret source of the water of immortality lied. Now after his 10 year-quest, he was finally drinking from it. The source was actually a blue lagoon in the middle of an enormous desert somewhere in the American continent. There was only one small passage, a long cave that led into a vast area surrounded by waterfalls. “Nature’s private swimming pool” he thought when he gazed at it for the first time. The water that sprung on the lake from the waterfalls created a peculiar kind of mist that made it difficult for Kevin to find his way into the lake. The place was not at all quiet and tranquil as he had expected, all those 108 waterfalls composed a melody loud enough to be heard in heaven. But as soon as his grey hair became brown again and his old body restored the vitality of his past youth, his ears perceived the songs of sirens, fairylike creatures that dwell in the source. They all surrounded him and caressed his hair talking and laughing in a language he had never heard before. His last worry before he entered completely the world of the immortals was whether the waters or the sirens where the true source of his final eternal youth.

Susie Delp's Story
The high noon sun beat down upon Ben's slender torso, as he contemplated whether or not to jump one last time. After an hour of diving into the shimmering depths of the natural pool, he was tired, although somewhat rejuvinated. To stay and jump again could mean being late for work, but did he care? His dad tells him, "you're only young once" but his dad is a surf bum. The last thing he ever wanted to do was turn out like his old man.

Mom would be so mad at him if he messed up this new job, it had taken awhile for her to talk Sam into hiring him, and he knew how much his mom wanted him to get a car. Her job kept her away long hours, and when she did get home, she was exhausted. She couldn't drive him places anymore, and his friends were sick of giving him rides.

Bart popped up from the deep pool with a lopsided grin on his face. Ben decided not to jump. It didn't bode well with Bart, who was reckless and irresponsible. Ben didn't care. He never had cared what other people thought of him, and he didn't plan on starting now. He motioned for Bart to get out of the water, and headed back to the cool shade of the nearby trees. Just this once, he would try and do something right.

David Raphael Israel's Poem
Green tho pool was in those days
    & I were but a lad
flowed the water wonderous ways
    our afternoons grew glad

by the rills we'd wander idly
      diving in the stream
none explained : yet thought we mildly
      life's a kelly dream

who'd suppose nostalgia's net
      would capture sun in shade?
half-remember half-forget
      in memories I wade

gone are hills & done are rills
      distant now those times
none to share the song that fills
      my aching heart with rhymes

worlds appear & disappear
      who can plumb the secret?
kelly glade & lucent mere
      charmingly discomfit

waterfalls & city-sprawls
      humankind & nature
waking dreams of daffodils
      evenings passed at leisure

long appeared the microscopic
      reach of our then-future
now we grow indeed myopic
      baffled by time's measure

when we settle into stillness
      & the tale's done
kelly streams again befill us
      gleaming in what sun?

Green the pool was -- green in seeming
      idle though my gaze
I the fool was -- foolish dreaming
      through those liquid days

Jamie Dawn's Story
Waterfalls, fresh fruit, and no shirts allowed."
That's what the travel brochure advertised. Lance saved every penny to take this vacation. He would meet tons of ladies, and hopefully meet that special someone he'd been dreaming of. When he got there, he didn't see a single lady. He was surrounded by a bunch of guys who were in sore need of an Ab Flex. Lance wondered off by himself and found a secluded spot to swim. Then it hit him; the brochure was put out by a company called "Queen Trips," and it all made sense. There was plenty of "fresh fruit," just as advertised.

DLAK's Story
Once upon a time a small dog farted. The cat, disgusted, stuck his tail in the air and walked away shaking his head. As he walked away he loked over his shoulder and said "Fucking dogs".

My Story
One night while enjoying the warmth of their campfire, Tim and Tony decided to go amphibian and take over the world of the mermaids they knew to thrive in the lagoon. To reign over such minions! To be masters over the realm of Aquarian pleasures! The multi-fathomed lagoon was fed on one side by a torrid waterfall whose long tongues suavely licked it into sublimity. Along crept the boys to the shore side of the pool. The half-human creatures huddled anxiously below the surface, considering their defense against the coming attack. Tony struck the water first. The mermaidens, experts in seduction, decorated him with droplets of lake dew, dissolving him into a girl. As Tim perceived the change an entirely new plan of conquest entered his mind.


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