Friday, November 18, 2005

Two Girls and a Dummy

Doug's Caption
Red Cross CPR Class, Amsterdam

Mushroom's Story
Tom's mother always told him as a kid not to look at naked women, or he'd turn to stone. There was a time or two when he merely thought about naked women and felt the process of firming (temporarily, to his relief) take place. But his mother never warned him about what would happen if the women made the decisive move, especially if there was more than one. He dummied up.

Sunray's Story
"Dr. Woo m3n Itorture from China was looking proudly at his new achievement. He had eventually managed to isolate certain parts of the human DNA that were responsible for the reproductive urges. His experiments with mice had never been successful but when the government fired him due to his obsession with those specific genes, he had to bring forth a result that would be his long awaited success, but revenge as well.

He had used the special cocktail “Em.Pty2. 0W.0rds” to seduce a female employer. The coctail had amazing results! The girl became 10 years younger! He could not believe how effective his new weapon was and started to sell these cocktails to the public. All of his customers, men mainly, were delighted by the results. Suddenly, all women stopped demanding emotional satisfaction from their relationships and were only interested in the.. reproductive urges!!!

Men threw big parties, songs could be heard in crazy rythms in all parts of the country and the whole population seemed be lost in an unusual bliss. They held concerts, danced day and night and practically worshiped Dr. WooM3n Itorture from China for his new invention. They were finally free. Everything was perfect until…

until one cloudy day special agents of the secret services unveiled the whole illegal operation of Dr. WooM3n Itorture. They had produced an antidote called “tru. UTHis inth3H3/art5”, which started that which remained known in the history as the “Great Selfdiscovery”.

This is how this sad story ended, leaving everyone unsatisfied. We never found out what happened to the Doctor. Rumours said that he escaped the wrath of the angry women and sailed to the Antarctic. Last time he was seen feeding the penguins with a strange conctail…"

My Story
For weeks now I'd had these strange but enticing visions. They'd appear before me, two nymphets, blocking me left and right. I saw in their faces that conspicuous grin of conspiracy. Some spell stalemated my motions. Soft features loomed before me closer and blurrier. Then a mouth was upon mine, and the tongue of a girl began its magic dance. My hands and feet felt numb, nonexistent. The visions took turns while I trembled like a bowl of pudding with tides of desire rippling through it. The harmonic sensation on my tongue and lips spun itself into some sort of cyclone that whipped through my mind. And then they were gone, swept away unseen. This time I heard a giggle in the distance. "We shall return," one of the visions promised between notes of that fading music. But I could not wait for their reoccurrence. I stumbled after them like a marionette, strings tensed in their imagined direction. It's what a fish feels, as the fisherman reels him in. Then I saw them in the distance, at the side of a house. I moved in upon them, wanting to call out to them, tell them I was there, but as they grasped that dummy and began their play that familiar vision furled its thick blanket of silk around me.


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