Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Girls in White at Bar

Mushroom's Story
Aisha, Misha, and Geisha spent many a night at the Grecian Formula bar, tempting men to come find out what the Fates had destined for them. Men never turned them down, because the prospect of having three hot girls in nearly-transparent white blouses and mini-miniskirts come onto them was a siren's song. The men, alas, were never seen again because the girls were not Fates, they were Gorgons without the serpentine hairstyles. Their long hair hid the fact that they didn't have eyes, other than the crystal-bottomed glass they passed amongst themselves (which they joked was their "beer goggle"), and would turn a man's flesh to something resembling stone before devouring him.

My Story
Hell was a bar and grill presided over by three women. They chuckled at the misconception that a figure like Mephistopheles could be thought in charge. Mephisto worked for them, to be sure: washing dishes. But he had no supernatural powers whatsoever. His reputation was based on frequent sightings in cafes and restaurants, always an extravagant and generous tipper. But he hadn't the imagination to make hell hot. The three sisters of sadism, however, were mistresses of the subtle art of torture, applicable on male and female alike, with slight variations as to gender. Males were teased by titillation, suggestive flashes of skin unsuccessfully covered by meager scraps of skirt, and their skill of looking right through a man as if he were of no interest whatsoever. The men would beg to be served a drink or meal, or an attentive smile, but they were ignored. Women, on the other hand, were treated with piercing, dirty looks that throttled self-esteem, achieving belittlement that no amount of male thoughtlessness could ever cause.

That was the nature of hell. Apart from the myth of Mephisto's powers, the conditions of entry had also been clouded by inaccuracy, as introduced by centuries of oral tradition. Good intentions wouldn't get you there, neither would evil actions. If, however, you forgot to tip a waitress, a special table would be reserved for you.


Blogger tomawesome said...

I believe mushroom's story is true

12:09 AM  
Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Mush has a wonderful way of blending details of his own life into his stories. I often wonder where the line is separating truth from fiction.

2:01 AM  
Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

These three girls are not from hell. They are so obviously someone's idea of heaven.

7:40 AM  

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